Climax CU29 1.5M Anchoring Rope Lanyard

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The Climax CU.29/1 anchoring rope is an essential component for a safe fall protection system. The anchoring rope is designed to be joined by means of suitable connectors (30 Snap Hook) to a fall protection harness (27-C harness) in order to create a completely safe fall protection system that allows the user to work, while preventing a fall at all times.

EC Certification
EN 354: 1993
Directive 89/686/CEE
Regulatory agency No. 0159
Certificate no. 31237299

Description and Features

  • The Climax CU29/1 anchoring rope is manufactured of extra sturdy materials capable of withstanding harsh work conditions, while ensuring full protection at all times.
  • The anchoring rope consists of a three-strand twisted polyamide rope manufactured in compliance with ISO 1140, of diameter 14 mm and high tensile strength.
  • The rope has a ultimate load capacity of 32 kN and contains a red wear indicator.
  • Both ends of the anchoring rope are equipped with a red polyamide thimble to protect the rope from friction caused by the carabiners. The knots at both ends of the rope are protected by means of a clear, retractable PVC sheath.
  • Total rope length is 1.5 metres.


The anchoring rope must be used in conjunction with a fall protection harness (27- C harness) joined by means of carabiners (30 Snap Hook). The entire assembly results in an extremely safe, sturdy fall protection system that allows the user to anchor himself to any kind of safe anchorage point, thereby preventing free fall in case of accident. The assembly is an essential component for all kinds of work performed at heights, that provides optimal protection from the risk of falling.

Technical Data

Rope diameter
14 mm
Total length
1.5 M
Static tensile strength
>15 kN
Dynamic strength (100 kg mass)
< 6 kN
Tensile breaking strength of rope
32.4 kN
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