Essential MiniBeast MagDrill Kit 1 - JEI MiniBeast MagDrill, 7 Piece Rotabroach Cutter Kit & Lubricants

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This kit includes the JEI MiniBeast, a powerful magnetic drilling machine, along with a 7-piece Rotabroach Cutter Kit ranging from 14mm to 22mm in size, providing versatility for various hole cutting needs. It also includes 1 liter of Rotabroach Cutting Fluid for optimal lubrication during drilling operations, ensuring clean and precise cuts. Additionally, the kit includes the JEI Turbo Endurance+ Magnetic Drilling Paste Spray, a high-performance lubricant that enhances drilling performance and extends tool life. Together, this comprehensive kit provides all the necessary tools and lubricants for efficient and effective magnetic drilling operations.


Cutter Kit Included with your MagDrill Farming Kit

  • 14mm x 25mm depth Rotabroach cutter RAP140 x 1
  • 16mm x 25mm depth Rotabroach cutter RAP160 x 1
  • 18mm x 25mm depth Rotabroach cutter RAP180 x 1
  • 20mm x 25mm depth Rotabroach cutter RAP200 x 1
  • 22mm x 25mm depth Rotabroach cutter RAP220 x 1
  • Rotabroach Pilot Pin for 25mm depth cutters RB25 x 2
  • Sturdy cutter storage box

JEI MiniBeast Features & Benefits:

  • Light weight ‐ only 10kg
  • Internal coolant reservoir ‐ ensuring maximum cutter life
  • Self correcting slide rails ‐ for maintenance free operation
  • Hidden motor cable ‐ for added protection


Weight: 10kg
Cutter Capacity: 11mm - 35mm x 50mm depth of cut
Twist Drill Capacity: 13mm with optional twist drill chuck or twist drill holder
Motor: 1010 watts
Height Min: 307mm
Height Max: 377mm
Length: 240mm
Width: 166mm
RPM: Single Speed 350
Magnetic Base Dimensions: 80mm x 160mm
Magnet Deadlift (on 25mm plate): 980kg
Noise Level: Does not exceed 95dB
Vibration Level: Does not exceed 2.5m/s2
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Manufacturer JEI