JEI AirBeast Airforce 35 ATEX Magnetic Drilling Machine 35mm Diameter

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A pneumatic drill specifically designed for space restricted and hazardous environments.


Features / Benefits:

The pneumatic drill is specifically designed to excel in space-restricted and hazardous environments. Here are its notable features and benefits:

Pneumatic Drive and Permanent Magnet Base: The drill operates using pneumatic power, eliminating the need for electric power sources. Additionally, it is equipped with a permanent magnet base, ensuring a secure hold during drilling operations.

Compact Design: With a height of only 185mm, this drill is remarkably compact. Its small size allows for easy maneuverability and access in tight spaces.

Lightweight Construction: Weighing just 17 kg, the drill is lightweight, making it convenient to transport and handle. Its reduced weight contributes to operator comfort and ease of use.

Safety Conscious: The drill incorporates separate magnet and motor switch gear, prioritizing safety by preventing accidental start-ups. This feature ensures that the drill can be safely operated and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Ideal for Hazardous Environments: Designed with hazardous environments in mind, such as oil drilling platforms, mining sites, shipbuilding yards, and petrochemical industries, this drill is built to meet the safety requirements and challenges of these demanding settings.


Weight 17 Kg
Air Consumption 1400l/min
Cutting Capacity 35mm Cutting Diameter x 25 Depth of cut
Motor 800 W
RPM No load: 420 RPM, Loaded: 240 RPM
Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 x 80 x 185mm
Magnetic Deadlift 660 Kg on 25mm
Vibration Level Does not exceed 2.5m/s²



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Manufacturer JEI