JEI MiniBeast Safe-Base Magnetic Drill 35mm Diameter

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The MiniBeast Safe-Base features a separate permanent magnet, which requires no electric power. This machine is available in both 110v and 240v.

Weight: 15 Kg
Cutter Capacity: 35mm Diameter x 35mm Depth of Cut
Minimum Material: 10mm
RPM: 1 Fixed Speed, No load: 520rpm, Loaded: 350rpm
Dimensions (L x W): 300 x 166mm
Magnet Deadlift: 600kg on 25mm
Min Material Thickness: 10mm

The MiniBeast Safe-Base is part of JEI's 3 MiniBeast Innovations, which are designed to approach the industries most challenging applications. These machines include: The MiniBeast Thin, and The MiniBeast Curve. All three of these machines are available to purchase from

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Manufacturer JEI