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Mag Drill Accessories

Aside from the machines and cutters, we stock almost everything you will need to extend the usefulness of your mag drill. This includes pipe adaptors, extension arbors, morse taper arbors, twist drill adaptors, safety straps, swarf sticks and much more.

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  1. JEI Oil & Paste Lubricant Spray Offer 500ml
    Special Price £19.95 £23.94 Regular Price £29.88
  2. Rotabroach Lubricant Stick 1.68oz
    Special Price £8.70 £10.44
  3. 1/2" Keyed Chuck
    Special Price £9.95 £11.94
  4. 13mm Keyless Drill Chuck For Magnetic Drill
    Special Price £15.70 £18.84
  5. Rotabroach Swarf Stick
    Special Price £30.40 £36.48
  6. Rotabroach Cutting Paste 0.5KG Tin
    Special Price £19.69 £23.63
  7. Genuine Rotabroach Puma High Impact Carry Case
    Special Price £9.95 £11.94 Regular Price £56.42
  8. Rotabroach Vacuum Pad
    Out of stock
    Rotabroach Vacuum Pad
    Special Price £545.74 £654.89

15 Items

per page
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