Rotabroach Mini Cutter 18mm (8mm Depth)

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For perfect holes in sheet metal, pipes & plastic.

Cut clean, burr‐free holes in seconds with new Rotabroach Mini‐Cutters, the professional solution to hole making in sheet metal, pipes and plastics.

Mini‐Cutters produce holes by removing a "disc" of metal and have precision ground teeth and flutes to rapidly remove waste material, so they are fast, smooth and highly accurate.

Now they come with a new and more aggressive tooth geometry to give high higher performance and longer cutting life on stainless steel and other difficult materials. No toolbox is complete without Mini‐Cutters for clean, precise and effortless hole cutting every time.

Over 3 times faster than twist drills

Mini‐Cutters have multiple teeth and an annular cutting action with no 'dead centre' area as with a twist drill. It means that less pressure is required to make the hole, so there is less risk of deforming sheet metal. This highly efficient cutting action also ensures minimal burring on breakthrough, reducing or completely eliminating the need for additional finishing work.

Last up to 300 times longer than hole saws

Holesaws have stamped teeth which only remove small particles of metal with each revolution whereas Mini‐Cutters are precision ground cutting instruments which slice their way through sheet metal without leaving burrs or jagged edges. Because they are made from M2 High Speed Steel, they retain their sharpness to give a longer, more reliable cutting life over thousands of holes 

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Condition New
Manufacturer Rotabroach
Cutter Depth 8mm
Cutter Diameter 18mm
Barcode 5055558505212