Unibor Airbor 2 Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine 50mm Diameter

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Unibor Airbor 2 Pneumatic Magnetic Drill features an Anti‐spark and Anti-static construction, is light weight at 13kg and has a cutting capacity of up to 50mm. It is ideal for petrochemical plants; offshore oil and gas facilities; mining; shipyard and marine, mineral and powder processing industries etc.



  • Failsafe Permanent Magnet: The magnetic base of this air-powered cutter features a failsafe mechanism that prevents the machine from falling off during operation, ensuring safety and stability.
  • Air Powered: This cutter is air-powered, making it an ideal choice for use in areas where electricity is not available or for outdoor use.
  • 50mm (2”) Cutting Capacity: With a cutting capacity of up to 50mm or 2 inches, this cutter can handle a wide range of materials, from thin sheets to thick plates.
  • Powerful Motor: The cutter is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers high torque and cutting speed, allowing for efficient and precise cuts.
  • Anti-Spark, Anti-Static Construction: The cutter is designed with anti-spark and anti-static features, reducing the risk of sparks and electrostatic discharge during operation.
  • Light Weight: Weighing in at only X kg, this cutter is easy to handle and maneuver, making it ideal for use in confined spaces.
  • Integrated 'Through-Tool' Coolant System: The cutter comes equipped with an integrated coolant system that helps to keep the cutting surface cool and lubricated, prolonging the life of the cutter and ensuring clean cuts.
  • Safety Interlock: The cutter features a safety interlock that prevents accidental activation, ensuring safe operation.
  • Comes with Warranty/Carrying Case/Allen Keys/Safety Guard/Cutting Oil/Oil Bottle: This cutter comes with a warranty, a carrying case for easy transport, Allen keys for easy maintenance, a safety guard for added protection, cutting oil for better performance, and an oil bottle for convenient refilling.



Cutter Capacity 11 - 50mm
Chuck capacity 13mm
Speed ranges 400 rpm
Air consumption 30 cfm
Air pressure 6.3 bar
Magnetic footprint 160 x 100mm
Length 260mm
Height 490mm
Width 190mm (260mm inc. handle)
Standard air inlet 3/8" BSP female thread (Other options available)
Weight 13 kg
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Condition New
Manufacturer Unibor
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