Ajax 649-650 | Carrot Drift Broad Head Bull Pin Tool Steel Erector Pack Of 2 (7-27MM & 8-32MM)

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This listing includes both the (7-27mm) & (8-32mm) carrot drifts. Please note that individual listings are also available on Magdrill.com
One drift has a minimum diameter of 7mm and a maximum of 27mm along with a length of 255mm (See below for full measurements).
This drift has a minimum diameter of 8mm and a maximum of 32mm along with a length of 340mm
Steel erectors and fabricators use Ajax Riggers Tools to align steel beams and plate. 
Mainly used in the steel erection and fabrication industry these 32mm Carrot Taper Drift Pins are for the alignment of bolt holes in structural steel.
In the case of a jammed pin, the bull head top with flats at the side will aid in the safe removal of your product.

Measurements for AJAX Drifts

SKU Length Diameter
648 358mm 7-27mm
649 255mm 7-27mm
650 340mm 8-32mm

Climax Tool Lanyard

Made of polyester. Protect the people that circulate through lower levels. This tool handler will prevent an accident occuring in the case of a dropped tool. It has two anchors: a wrist bracelet and a connector. The tool holder is attached through a connector to the tool belt preventing it from falling.

Length: 93cm
Maximum Length: 118cm
Maximum Load: 4kg

All Models have an adjustment system making them easy to fit and adapt completely to the user. These lanyards are for personal use and should not be used by several people, even if they are washed well.

Wash with tepid water and soap with a spong or cloth. Do not machine wash, or use soap containing abbrasives. Drain and store in it's packaging in a cool, well-ventilated place.  

Please inspect regularly and replace when damaged or worn.



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