VAT Validation for Inter EU Zero VAT Transactions

Tax Exempt intra-Community Transactions :
If you are in an EU Member State outwith the UK, you have a valid VAT number, and you wish to make a tax exempt online purchase from our MAGDRILL.COM website there are a couple of simple steps you'll need to take first.

1. Register for an online user account and supply your VAT number. You must do this BEFORE you place your online order.
2. Allow us to maually check VIES to authenticate your VAT status and set your online registration status to VAT Exempt.
3. Open our confirmation email to you anfd click the registration confirmation link.
4. Return to and start shopping as normal.
5. At the checkout, LOGIN.

6. That's it! Every time you return and log in before you start shopping, the online shop will remember you are VAT Exempt.

For a full description of the shopping process, read on :

1. Register for your online user account before you start shopping :

  1.a. Click "MY ACCOUNT" -

  1.b. Click "CREATE AN ACCOUNT"-

  1.c. Enter and Submit your details, including your full VAT Number -

  1.d. Check your email for your sign up confirmation and click the CONFIRMATION LINK -

  1.e. Check your welcome email -

2. Return to MAGDRILL.COM shop to select your product(s) :
To browse or find what you’d like to buy, use the menu above to select your category, or type a search term in the search box. Once you have made your selection, click the "ADD TO CART" button.

3. Check your shopping basket :
Confirm your selected products and any options are correct, check the quantity and adjust if required.
You can now either Check Out or Continue Shopping:
To Continue Shopping, either select a category from the top menu, or search for another item.
To Check Out, click the "Go To Checkout" button at the top right of your screen.

4. Checkout :
If you have an account you will already be logged in from step 1, otherwise you can login now.

5. Select and enter your details :
Make sure you select / enter your details in BILLING INFORMATION as they match your credit/debit card, and remember you can ship to any address, provided:
1. Your "Card-holder’s Address" matches the one on your card statement, and:
2. Your delivery Country is the same as your card holder’s Country
Make sure you enter a valid, live email address you can access, and a working phone number. These are the only methods of contact we'll have for you if something goes wrong, so it's important you enter these correctly.
When you've filled in your details correctly, click "CONTINUE".

6. Select your delivery method :
Note that not all delivery methods are available for all locales. (For example, UK Next Day will not be available for delivery to France). Also note that delivery charges are based on VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT and include packing and handling.
Choose your preferred delivery method for your location and click the "CONTINUE" button.

7. Check your progress :
There is a summary of your order "YOUR CHECKOUT PROCESS" on the right hand side of the page. Make sure your information is correct, then click the "CONTIUNE" button to connect to SAGE PAY and make payment.

8. Check your order :
Prior to connecting to SAGE PAY you now have a chance to review your order content.
Under "ORDER REVIEW" you will see all order elements.
If you need to make any changes, click "EDIT YOUR CART"
If you wish to proceed to make payment, click "PLACE ORDER"

9. On arrival at SAGE PAY :
Your order details will have been passed to SAGE PAY.
At the payment welcome screen, select the CARD TYPE you will be using to make your payment.
If you want to cancel the order, click "CANCEL", otherwise, select your card type to proceed.
Follow the instruction on the SAGE PAY page to make your payment.
On completion you will be brought back to MagDrill.

What happens next :
If your payment has not been successful for whatever reason, (it can happen) you'll see a page telling you that something went wrong. Just contact [email protected] with your basket id and we’ll be happy to help.
If your payment has been successful you’ll receive an email from us confirming your order and an email from SAGE PAY confirming your payment. Keep both of these emails for your reference.

There’s a problem with my order :
Email [email protected] or call 01698 333200 immediately with your order information and details of what the problem is. We’ll be happy to help.

I don't want to order online :
That's fine! You can phone us on 01698 333200 or call into our showroom to place your order :

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