Climax 27-C Fall Arrest Anchoring Lanyard Kit

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The Climax model 27-C Fall Arrest Anchoring Lanyard Kit comes complete with:

  • 1 x 27-C Fall Arrest Work Harness
  • 1 x CU29 1M Anchoring Rope Lanyard
  • 2 x Climax Manual Locking 30 Snap Hooks

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Climax 27-C Fall Arrest Work Harness

The Climax full body harness model 27-C is a personal protective equipment used for working at height.

  • The harness includes two anti fall anchoring points: dorsal (A) and chest fall arrest attachment point (A/2). Both formed by 8 mm double D-shaped buckle.
  • Made with 47mm polyester webbing.
  • Adjustable buckles on chest and legs.
  • The lifetime estimated of this product is 10 years and 5 years after the first use.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.
  • Nominal maximum load: 100kg

Climax CU29 1M Anchoring Rope Lanyard

  • The Climax CU29/1 anchoring rope is manufactured of extra sturdy materials capable of withstanding harsh work conditions, while ensuring full protection at all times.
  • The anchoring rope consists of a three-strand twisted polyamide rope manufactured in compliance with ISO 1140, of diameter 14 mm and high tensile strength.
  • The rope has a ultimate load capacity of 32 kN and contains a red wear indicator.
  • Both ends of the anchoring rope are equipped with a red polyamide thimble to protect the rope from friction caused by the carabiners. The knots at both ends of the rope are protected by means of a clear, retractable PVC sheath.
  • Total rope length is 1 metre.

Climax Manual Locking 30 Snap Hook

The Climax model 30 Snap Hook uses a manual locking mechanism.

Manually locked snap hooks should be used only when the users not have to connect it and remove it repeatedly during the workday.

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