Climax Twin Tailed Energy Absorber Lanyard

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Twin tailed energy absorbing lanyard. It includes two Climax 31 scaffold hook, gate opening 54 mm, and one Climax 32 scaffolding hook, gate opening 19 mm. Maximum length of lanyard: 2M.

EC Certification
UNE-EN 355: 2002 & VG11
Health and safety requirements of
R. D.1407/1992
Regulatory agency No. 0159

Description and Features

The energy absorber is composed of:

  • Securing straps: made of woven synthetic fibre of 50mm nominal width with a tubular construction and incorporating an elastic inside to avoid undesired stretching of the strap.
  • Energy absorber: made of interwoven synthetic fibre to dissipate the energy generated by a fall.
  • Stitches: continuous bonded nylon thread.
  • The strap and the threads are made of woven synthetic fibres with tenacity of over 0.6 N/tex.
  • Swinging diameter: 2M
  • Minimum safety height: 6M


The energy absorber must be used in combination with a fall arrest harness (such as Climax model 27-C) being joined together with snap hooks (Climax model 30 Snap Hook). The set constitutes an extremely safe and rugged fall arrest system, enabling the user to be attached to the structure at all times thanks to the Y-shaped anchoring strap, as well as offering mobility.

Technical data

Static preload test
Static resistance to traction
Dynamic behaviour
F= 4.7 kN H= 4.58M
Maximum length of the energy absorber
More Information
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Manufacturer Climax