MSA V-Gard Flame Retardant Liner - Pack Of 12

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MSA introduces an addition to the V-Gard® Accessory System: V-Gard® Winter Liners.

These products offer the same high-quality "under the helmet" as the iconic V-Gard® Helmet does on top! Excellent protection against cold with maximum economy.

Select products offer two layers of flame-retardant fabric for extra warmth. Plus, liners in this category offer quilted earflaps so cap-mounted earmuffs can be used without compromising hearing protection levels.

Extended nape and wrap around collar for tucking into coat/shirt. Water repellant.

This Winter Liner can be washed up to 50 times and still retain all its features and protection


Made by MSA for use with their V -Gard system but they do fit other helmets for example you can use it and still have it chin strap free on beeswift helmets as per out pictures FIRE RETARDENT & WATER REPELLANT

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SKU: 10118424 -12